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Answering Landlord – Tenant Questions

Due to the high inquiries we are receiving regarding landlord-tenant laws, especially during this pandemic,

by Derek Thooft
Filing A Mechanic’s Lien In Minnesota

For contractors, a mechanic’s lien is a process for a contractor to collect payment on work performed.

by Derek Thooft
Contracts 3: Partnership Agreements

There are advantages and disadvantages with starting a business with another person.

by Derek Thooft
Contracts 2: Employment Non-Compete Agreement

So, you finally landed the job you’ve always wanted but there is a requirement you don’t quite understand: the employer wants you to sign a Non-Compete Agreement (sometimes known as a Restrictive Covenant, Covenant Not to Compete, or NCC).

by Derek Thooft
Contracts, Part 1: Contracts 101

More than likely, you have probably signed many contracts in your life, even as a young adult. Surprising?

by Derek Thooft
Let’s Do Business , Part 3: Hiring Employees

Your business is booming and you are looking into hiring employees – that is a great accomplishment and you should be proud,

by Derek Thooft
Minnesota Sales and Use Tax

Will your business be engaging in sales of taxable goods and services?

by Derek Thooft
Let’s Do Business, Part 2: Protecting Yourself and Your Business

So you just started your business, congratulations! You are now your own boss and are embarking on a journey of independence.

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Let’s Do Business, Part 1: Choosing the Right Business Structure

Small businesses are the backbone to the American economy.

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