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Criminal Charges? Don’t Take Chances With Your Freedom.

Being arrested and charged with a crime is a frightening experience, especially if it is your first offense. Don’t give up hope, however. The attorneys at Thooft Law LLC in Bloomington are here to help. Founding attorney Derek Thooft gained valuable experience in criminal law while working for the Ramsey County public defenders office. We represent people in Minnesota in a wide range of criminal cases.

Our knowledgeable lawyers understand that you may not know what to do next. Fortunately, we have the experience to help you take the next steps and protect your rights. Find out how we may be able to defend you today by setting up a consultation.

You Can Trust Us To Aggressively Protect Your Rights

We defend people against misdemeanor and felony charges in areas such as:

  • DUI: First offenses and subsequent offenses, license suspension
  • Violent crimes: assault, aggravated assault, domestic violence, sex offenses
  • Drugs: possession, possession with intent involving street drugs and prescription drugs
  • Theft: shoplifting, grand larceny, auto theft, fraud

When we take a criminal case, we immediately begin by investigating the alleged offense. In addition, we review the prosecution’s case against you to determine where there may be weaknesses. If we find weaknesses, we will work to exploit them.

We also thoroughly examine each case to see if the police violated the defendant’s constitutional rights. Perhaps they lacked probable cause or violated the rules of search and seizure. If your rights were violated, we may be able to argue for relevant evidence to be suppressed, which can lead to a reduction or dismissal of the charges. Each case is unique, though, and you should discuss yours with an attorney.

Move Forward With Your Case Today

The sooner we can investigate the case against you, the stronger your defense may be. Please call us at 651-364-7725 or contact us online. Your consultation is free.