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Termination of Contracts – How To Get Out Of A Contract

Contract terminations are common in all parts of business.

by Derek Thooft
Contracts – What is Repudiation and How does It Work

The relationship between contracting parties can fail for a number of reasons.

by Derek Thooft
Prices are rising. Is your business protected?

With the opening of businesses around the country and the loosening of restrictions, many people are starting to make purchases that they have held off on.

by Derek Thooft
COVID-19 and Business Law in Minnesota

Running a business in a pandemic is challenging.

by Derek Thooft
What Type of Business is my Business?

So you are thinking of starting a business?

by Derek Thooft
Minnesota Unemployment Benefits for Employees

Unemployment Insurance is funded through payroll taxes of employers.

by Derek Thooft
Minnesota Sales and Use Tax

Will your business be engaging in sales of taxable goods and services?

by Derek Thooft
Let’s Do Business , Part 3: Hiring Employees

Your business is booming and you are looking into hiring employees – that is a great accomplishment and you should be proud,

by Derek Thooft
Contracts, Part 1: Contracts 101

More than likely, you have probably signed many contracts in your life, even as a young adult. Surprising?

by Derek Thooft